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The MAZDIS Philosophy

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We at MAZDIS believe honest and transparent business philosophies matter. More than being an innovative, technological company, we value sustainability, the environment and our community. While building our brand and product, we plan to grow these three elements with us.

1. Community:

MAZDIS aims to support complete and diverse communities and their social and physical health. Cycling is proven to improve physical and mental well-being. Minimising the risk of bike theft or vandalism is an important factor in increasing the confidence of cyclists and numbers of bike commuters in our community. Transitioning communities into ones with more active modes of transportation is our main goal.

2. Environment:

MAZDIS is a forward looking company, watching trends and transitions in its community. Moving towards net-zero carbon emissions with more carbon neutral transportation options is an important end-goal for all cities. We are interested in supporting healthy and efficient transportation. With the current pandemic, we believe minimising human contact and interaction in bike parking areas or during bike locking and storing is a priority. Cycling is increasing in Vancouver and across Canada, and we want to improve the general urban cycling infrastructure.

3. Sustainability:

Supporting elegant and inclusive communities, developments and urban environments is our primary interest as we grow our company sustainably. We want to improve the quality of city life for people of all ages and abilities, starting first in our own local communities. Our goal to provide clean and healthy transportation modes means more sustainable living environments are nurtured in cities and the urban outdoors.

These three goals are the drivers behind MAZDIS, which we see at the healthy intersection of all three aims. How will we do this? By making it more convenient for cyclists to commute and create active communities. The use of robotics and AI will be the key to growing this green mode of transportation infrastructure. Why does this make cities better? Because healthy and sustainable lifestyles are supported thru active modes of transportation. What MAZDIS offers, namely secure, automated bike parking, is the key to reaching these goals - we want to see cycling as the main way of commuting in urban areas. Why not work together towards reshaping cities for urban use, motivating and supporting active transportation by offering more theft-proof, automated bike parking opportunities? These parking systems work all year round, whatever the weather, keeping your bike and all the bits that follow safe and dry.


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