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What MAZDIS adds to a residential building

Updated: May 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered why a car-parking garage is such a normal feature of an apartment building? And how important it is for us to live somewhere that we can park our cars with confidence? What about putting equal importance on bikes and e-bikes?

No one wants to spend $3000 on a new bike and park it on the street, or outside on the sidewalk. Any passerby or other cyclist can touch or interfere with your bike, someone could vandalise it, a dog could pee on it, or a scooter or motorcycle may bump into it. One metal rack, with a bunch of other bikes chained to it, doesn´t offer you any security that your bike and all the removable parts will still be there the next day. All kinds of signs and warnings make us uneasy about using conventional bike racks, since we regularly see locked bikes with a missing seat, a missing wheel, or only bike lock as evidence of a successful theft.

What does the future of green lifestyles and urban spaces with more cycling infrastructure? Well, to start with, residential buildings need to begin investing in bike storage systems to offer safe and secure parking for your bikes and e-bikes. MAZDIS systems take very little space - you can fit 22 bicycles in the space of one car in a typical MAZDIS MazStall. In our MazDome design, you´ll have climate controlled storage even in the outdoors, where no outsider can handle your bike or even touch any part of it. With easy ground level access and simple smart-phone technology, it takes less than 60 seconds to load or unload your bike into its private parking spot, with no lifting or fumbling with your bike. Leave bike bags, helmets or any bike gear with your bike, and retrieve it all at the same time the next time you leave your apartment. Stop paying for parking and gas and lets do our part to make cities and residential areas more bike friendly, for a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.


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