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Why Vancouver Is Almost Canada's Most Bike-Friendly City

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

There are various reports and statistics out there, arguing why Vancouver isn't Canada's most bike-friendly city, but here is a summary of why Vancouver is still in the top 10... and how it can become the top.

According to Statistics Canada's household and environment survey, Ottawa has the largest cycling population in Canada. Vancouver obviously has better weather conditions for cycling, so why isn't Vancouver number one?

For one, it doesn't matter what percentage of the population cycles, at least that isn't as important as how much or how far the people that do bike are actually cycling in their daily routine. European cities will always rank higher, based on their urban design - North American cities fall short in part because of their urban sprawl. European planning has been thinking of cyclists for a generation, where as Vancouver is newly investing and developing in greener means of transportation.

Commuting by bike is clearly the healthier and more environmental friendly means of transport. So why isn't biking more popular in Vancouver? There are other factors that help rank a city in cycle-ability, like weather, safety, social popularity, biking advocacy, facilities and infrastructure. If Vancouver has the weather, social acceptance and biking culture, it must be the safety and infrastructure thats limiting its ranking.

With COVID-19 still on our minds, Vancouverites are seeking out active modes of transportation, and in a atypically dense city, with few major highways or efficient public transport systems, the limits of the Skytrain and traffic-clogged busses means that cycling is an advantageous way to travel. Old grid locked neighbourhoods with limited car traffic, and very slight incline change (at least compared to San Francisco and other west coast cities), are perfect for bicyclists. What we really need in Vancouver is the safety and facilities to support cyclists.

MAZDIS secure and automated bike parking solutions are only one step towards better cycling infrastructure. We hope that your cycling habits have also changed with the times - COVID and climate change are only two of many reasons to take to your bike instead of your car or public transport. Let's all do our part to make Vancouver a more cycle-able city, and make our health, bikes and commuting green a priority.


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