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MazBuild provides building owners an innovative solution to the under-utilized spaces of residential and commercial building parkades.  By storing the bikes vertically, our system achieves secured bike parking requirements for developments with minimal floor space.


Designed to be modular, the MazBuild system can be built for between 20 to 375 bikes per system. 

MazBuild - bike parking for buildings

Features & Benefits

Technology Enhanced Secure Storage 

  • Built-in automated system allows secure user access through touch screen panel or mobile application 

  • Multi-layer protection from theft and vandalism 

  • Reserve or give temporary access of bike parking for residents or guests 


Space & Cost Saving 

  • Cut the cost of creating bike parking spaces by reducing your space needs by up to 70%. Place more car parking on P1 and cut down on the need to build deeper for more parking spots. 

  • Reduce the need for additional ventilation, lighting, fire suppression, access corridors, security doors and lighting compared to traditional bike lockers 


Convenient User Experience 

  • Ground level access for easy storing and picking up of bicycles 

  • Additional storage space for accessories such as helmets, rain jackets and backpacks 


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