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MazDome bike parking system


Designed for urban outdoor spaces, MazDome is your solution for a weather-proof, aesthetically beautiful and compacted secure bike storage. Through an automated built-in system and ground-level access, cyclists are able to easily store and pick up their bicycles. 


Our modern, pod-like design can be customized in a variety of materials to fit the architectural needs of your development.

Features & Benefits

Technology Enabled Secure Storage 

  • Built-in automated system allows secure user access through touch screen panel or mobile application 

  • Multi-layer protection from theft and vandalism 

  • Additional storage space for accessories such as helmets, rain jackets and backpacks 

  • Detect and remove abandoned bikes with ease 


Public Appeal & Design 

  • 2.5x more bikes into the same space, reducing the effect of bike parking on landscapes and public spaces. 

  • Available in a variety of materials and exterior designs to fit the theme or architecture of the surrounding area 

  • Intrigue and delight the public with our innovative system 


Generate Data for Decision Making 

  • Collect data from MazDome’s across your city to help inform future decisions on bike parking and bike roads. 



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Past Project

MazDome for Minoru Centre
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