Bicycle parking should be as easy as riding.

It should be uncongested, easily accessible, and entirely protected from theft and vandalism.


About Us

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mazdis Innovations designs and engineers innovative bicycle parking systems in contribution to the North American bicycling infrastructure.

The biggest deterrent to common day usage of bicycles for transportation is the shortage of secure, accessible, and sustainable parking facilities in buildings and urban outdoors. 

As advocates of cycling, we must allocate resources to provide superior end-of-trip facilities such as secure bicycle parking where the risk of theft exists.

Mazdis Innovations strives to provide secure parking systems, through automated, multi-layer security. Your bicycle and accessories will be 100% guaranteed from theft and vandalism.


Suggest a Location

Mazdis is looking for locations to implement secure bicycle parking stations, mainly areas with frequent cyclist visits that need increased parking security e.g. beside a subway station, shopping district, or near work/ school.


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Tel: 604-506-2400

Graham Lee Innovation Centre 

6163 University Boulevard, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z1

Hours: Mon - Fri | 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

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