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What factors determine the cost of the end product?

The pricing of our bike parking products varies based on sizes, custom finishings, location and optional additions.


With larger systems, MAZDIS' modular design benefits notably from economies of scale. As the system size gets larger, the cost per bike capacity decreases. Our MazDome products can be made in a variety of designs and colours. We can provide exterior finishings such as concrete, polysorbate & aluminum, or fiberglass. Manufacturing, installation, and maintenance are preferably done locally for our systems. Depending on whether we have a partner in the region, or a MAZDIS office, projects in distant regions will reflect our need to find the right partners to ensure that our product is done right. Finally, we provide optional warranties, maintenance training, and software improvements.


To get a quote for your project, contact our sales representatives. 


What would affect the lead time of my order? 

Our installation and manufacturing process is dependent on the location and size of your projects. We can provide more information during a consultation. Depending on your budget, we can work with a manufacturer to rush production as well. 

What are your product requirements?

Our products require an electrical power supply, internet, and data connection, and permits and licenses as required by your local jurisdiction.


For the MazBuild, our system will require an elevator shaft with a length and width which exceed or equal the diameter of our system.

For the MazDome, we will require a concrete slab with a minimal foundation. 


What are our warranty and maintenance options?

The duration and coverage of our Warranty depend on the location and the system used in your project. Our electrical and control systems are purchased from reputable and well-known suppliers such as Siemens and Fanuc. Extended warranties can be purchased on your behalf from these supplies, and managed by us or you in the event of a replacement. Warranties on the exterior and structural elements of MAZDIS products will depend on your location and final specifications. Contact our sales representative to learn more about the warranty options we provide.

Maintenance services will depend on whether we have an office or maintenance partner in your region. In the event that there is no office or partner, we can provide training and manuals for maintenance procedures. Currently, our maintenance involves three basic preventative maintenances and one comprehensive maintenance a year. More information can be provided during the consultation and quotation process.

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