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Minoru Centre for Active Living

Richmond BC

Date of Completion: November 2019

Architect: HCMA


As part of a Minoru Centre for Active Living, the City of Richmond (Population: >200,000) selected MAZDIS to install a 34-capacity MazDome bike parking system. 

The Minoru Centre is located in the heart of Richmond within a 5-minute walking distance from the Minoru Central Park, Richmond City Hall, and the Brighouse main library. Its innovative design and intriguing exterior attract the interest and awe of visitors to the centre. 

Designed and custom-built to fit the architecture of the Minoru Centre, the MazDome emanating sense modernity, coherence with its surroundings.


The system allows users to access their bike either through the MAZDIS smartphone application (available on both iOS and Android) or through the simple interface on the exterior of the dome. MazDome aims to encourage more Richmond commuters to switch to bicycles for their daily commute by removing the threat of theft and vandalism. 

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