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What is MAZDIS?

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

In just a few words, MAZDIS is a secure, automated bicycle parking system, conceptualised and engineered for people who love their bikes. More than that, these innovative bike storage lockers offer safe, all-weather, and space saving solutions to bike parking in urban spaces and cities, both underground and outdoors. Proudly based in Vancouver, BC, MAZDIS offers bike storage solutions in Canada and worldwide.  

How many times have you decided not to cycle somewhere because you were worried your bike would be stolen? Or because there wasn't secure over-night storage where you were going? Theft and vandalism should no longer be a burden the cyclist bears. With the growing popularity of biking and increasing numbers of commuters cycling, now is the time for cities to invest in secure bike parking. We at MAZDIS are ready to work with developers, investors, and cities and towns to provide solutions.

Our two compact product designs for automated bike parking include the MazDome and the MazBuild. Both are engineered for public spaces and private spaces, namely within cities and public commuting spaces, including residential, commercial and industrial areas, in buildings, parking garages, or outside. These bike storage lockers are designed and built to every client's specific needs for an innovative, space-saving solution. We maximise space and land-use efficiency to provide sustainable parking facilities wherever we build. We are committed to decreasing bike theft and vandalism while contributing to bicycling infrastructure through our secure and automated bike parking system.

If you'd like to visit a MAZDIS locker in real life, take a bike ride down to the Minoru Centre for Active Learning in Richmond, BC, and learn more about our products and projects here. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments, or if you'd simply like to learn more about MAZDIS.


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