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Ask for MAZDIS at Oakridge Centre

MAZDIS is a Vancouver-based company that designs and builds secure, automated bike parking systems. Our systems are designed by Canadians, for Canadians and according to (CSA)/US standards. We manufacture and assemble our systems locally, and meet all City of Vancouver requirements for automated bike parking. This means we create jobs locally and spend money locally. We think that especially for North American projects, our automated bike parking should be selected over our competitors from overseas, for various reasons.

The MazBuild design keeps bikes inside individual cases that fit many styles, shapes, and sizes of bikes. All of the accessories that go with it fit inside too, including bike bags and your helmet. E-bikes and many stand-up and sit-down e-scooters can also be parked in MazBuild cases. Our parking system can support charging bikes, scooters, and other devices too. The MazDome design is secure, automated bike parking at street level (within a dome). Its cases also fit many styles and sizes of bikes and can support e-bike, e-scooter, and e-skateboard charging.

The main benefit of MazBuild and MazDome is peace of mind. The carefree feeling you have on​ your bike, you can now have off​ your bike, too. Safe, secure bike parking that provides theft-prevention and reduces the need to travel with bulky, conventional bike locks and heavy chains. The operating time reduces the time you need to find a spot to park and lock your bike squeezed between other bikes. Our systems' retrieval times are faster than our competitors. Our system can detect frequent users and reduce bike access time by adapting to their behaviours, and even pre-book cases for you according to your schedule.

Our software is user-friendly and highly adaptable. Bike cases can be assigned through our software to certain users, and then managed through our online dashboard. One can easily assign bicycle cases and check notifications of scheduled maintenances and issues detected by our software. Our diagnostic and maintenance system will reduce downtime, remotely resolve issues, and prevent major failures. Our local, 24/7, technical support team can work with site management and bike parking caretakers to ensure that they’re properly trained and assisted if any issues were to occur. Since MAZDIS works with Siemens, servicing and replacement parts are available in a day, if not hours.

We're the reliable option partly because we're local, but also because of our dependability; our cases are flexible, our software is user-friendly, and our suppliers are solid. Ask for MAZDIS automated bike parking systems in your neighbourhood, starting with asking for us at Oakridge Centre. We take bike parking to the next level.


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