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A Sneak Peak of our MazStall

Updated: May 7, 2021

MAZDIS' latest invention is about to hit the market. How about turning empty car parking spots into secure, covered bike parking for 22 bicycles? This dream is already a reality.

The MazStall is based on the dimensions of an average car parking spot, at 2.3m wide, 5.5m deep and under 2.4m high. It resembles a small shipping container, or train cart, that can easily be lifted, loaded and dropped into place. With a plug-in and plug-out system, it´s also an ideal bike parking option for temporary or transportable residences, like construction sites or affordable housing projects.

The MazStall can also be delivered into new and existing buildings - as long as there is a car park, there can be a MazStall. The sleek design comes in various colours, and the interface is completely automated, so no need for human interaction. The bikes are loaded on ground level, quickly and easily without any struggle, and the automatic bike valet system sorts bikes into the safe and secure compartment. Retrieval is also painless, and you´ll receive your bike without anyone else ever handling it.

Still in the patenting phase, the MazStall is ready for pre-order, and products should begin rolling out mid-summer 2021. The price ranges in the $50,000-$60,000CDN range, and this simple plug-in design takes no time, approximately 2 months, to complete the turnkey system set-up.

For inquiries or more design specifics, feel free to send us an email. Our product will be launched worldwide within the next few weeks and more information and pictures of the MazStall product line will be available on our website.


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