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How MAZDIS makes your work commute better

In Iceland, they have a competition every May for companies to entice their employees to bike to work. This green initiative, called simply ´Ride your bike to work,´ is organized by Iceland´s national Olympic and Sports Association. Running for the 17th year in a row, it is one successful example of how commuting by bicycle is increasing in popularity.

Though Iceland may lack the weather for cycling to work all year round, it would certainly benefit from some better bike parking options, like the covered, automated system MAZDIS provides. Especially for commutes between work and home, there are more things you need to carry with you, which means you may have bike bags, a backpack, or a change of shoes. The great thing about the MazDome is you´re actually renting a tiny little locker room, a compartment which you can store your helmet, bike accessories and even bike clothes all together.

No need to worry about someone stealing some part of your bike, or rummaging through your bike basket. You don´t even have to sit on a wet seat, sinze the MazDome system is climate controlled. This safety measure isn´t the only thing thats great about MAZDIS bike parking - you also avoid any human contact with its fully automated function! All you need is your smart phone, and less than 60 seconds to open and load your bike at ground level. No more chains or padlocks, or squeezing inbetween other bikes; what a way to save time and all the hassles related to finding a conventional bike parking spot.

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