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Bike Sales Soar

Ever since the start of the pandemic, bike sales have been sky-rocketing. With each subsequent lock down, bike sales spike again, even higher, as more and more people are realizing the importance of physical and mental well-being they can achieve by spending time active in the outdoors.

Its the same story across every major city in Canada and the US - bikes in 2020 were sold out, and some statistics say bike sales have been growing by more than %50 since March 2020. In the UK, e-bike sales have more than doubled, and the UK cycling market was expected to be worth 2.2 billion pounds in the new year.

CTV had a story on bikes during in August: the headline stated simply, ´There is nothing left to sell: Canada faces a bike shortage amid COVID-19 pandemic.´This impact on sales, in Canada and worldwide, arises amidst a new awareness of personal space and health and hygiene. Biking to work is safer than sharing cramped, public transportation means, and spending time outdoors in fresh air is good for healthy lungs and a healthy body in general.

With the vaccine already reaching a small percentage of people, bike use continues to grow. The end is not so close that people see a lifestyle change back to the way things were, but people prefer to upgrade or improve their bike, bike accessories or type of bike - namely, e-bikes. Safer and smaller than scooters, they still promote an active lifestyle, but remain more accessible for people of all abilities and determination.


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