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Commuting by Bicycle: Why Public Transport and Bike Parking Matter

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

At MAZDIS, we believe that including bicycles in your daily commute is sustainable, healthy and time saving. There are programs and companies that share the same vision, but it's often the public transport system that holds us back.

We can't assume that everyone lives within biking distance to work, but sometimes its possible to combine a train or bus journey with your bike trip. This means having designated bike spaces on the train and bus, which are easily accessible and provide enough spaces, even during rush hour. Ticketing should be straightforward – no one likes being charged extra for a bike, but if you have to, selling long-term passes becomes more efficient.

When it comes to public transport, there are other factors that affect our decision to commute – hygiene and personal space are big factors today. Ticket machines or driver interaction should be kept to a minimum, and frequent bus schedules ensure it won´t take too long to wait for the next bus or train if it's too crowded.

Once we've got our commute planned, we can start thinking about parking logistics. This, like our journey, also needs to be fast, efficient and hygienic. Bike parking is almost always easier than car parking, but why do cars have the option of safe and secure parking, like in underground parking or parking lots with an attendant or surveillance? We think its time that bike parking offers the same security, and it does not have to have the same exuberant cost as city car parking.

Our MAZDIS systems have been designed as a solution. With an automated locker* controlled from your own phone, the app offers you ease of mind from touching shared surfaces or interacting with another person. With ground-level loading and access, all ages and abilities can easily park and retrieve their bike, and takes only a few seconds. Over time, this adds up to a significant amount of time* saved not fumbling with bike locks or finding space and squeezing in between other bikes in conventional bike parking areas. The MAZDIS system can fit 2.5*times more bikes in the same space of conventional system, and more than 30 bikes in the space of 2 cars.

Let's face it – everyone wants to support a reduction in drive-alone commutes, traffic congestion and CO2 emissions by increasing bike-to-work initiatives and better options for commuting with a bicycle. We hope we can do our part in your community to make this future a reality!


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