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Commuting in a Pandemic: Why Cycling is COVID-19 Friendly

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

There are few people or places where COVID-19 hasn't had an effect, but there are a handful of positive outcomes. Whether or not you've had coronavirus, the pandemic affects us all, in our daily lives and in the lives of those around us. Travel and transportation may never be the same, and imagine what it's like to work in the medical sector today!

One of the great things this pandemic has given us is better health and sanitation knowledge. We are all learning how to be more hygienic and respectful of personal space, especially in public and crowded spaces. The 6 foot rule and other social distancing rules have taught us to be aware of people and their invisible personal bubbles. Wearing masks and using gloves has also made us aware of how germs are spread, and it limits the exchange of bacteria and viruses between us.

More than that, COVID-19 has given us the push to better health and wellbeing - wether or not in lockdown, we have been forced to think about our physical exercise - how we get it, and where to go. Cycling has proven to be one of the most popular activities in Vancouver and across Canada, both for pleasure, transport and sport, with bicycles selling out like fresh baked donuts.

You get it all in a bike ride - space, exercise, fresh air and the journey. Good ventilation is especially important when meeting in groups of people, so cycling together is also safe and fun. You can always keep the 6 foot rule on a bike, with large bike lanes, sidewalks and/or roads to share. Cycling as a means of transportation also avoids the human interaction between commuters and bus drivers and taxi drivers, and there's no need to handle any parking meters, tickets or ticketing machines. This reduces the risk of virus spread and chance of infection.

More than anything else, cycling keeps us and our lungs in good shape, improving our cardiovascular health. Keeping our lungs healthy is more important than ever with the possible COVID-19 symptoms, so get out there and start cycling to battle the negative effects of the pandemic. We improve our health and happiness with staying fit and active in the outdoors. So stay safe, happy and heathy in these strange times- MAZDIS will continue doing its part in providing secure, automated bike parking solutions to keep our bikes safe too.


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