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Perfect potential MazDome locations in Vancouver

We are currently in the process of approaching cities, businesses and developers to install more MazDome and out newest MazStall bike parking systems around Vancouver. With our innovative design template and this sleek look, we have a few dream locations we hope to see MAZDIS one day.

  1. Science World

Nestled between Chinatown, Pacific Central Train station and Olympic village, this is a great commute corner of East Vancouver where you definitely want to make sure your bike is securely parked. The Olympic village SkyTrain and ferry terminal offer great connections to downtown and the west end, and sometimes it´s easier to continue your commute by foot. That´s why its important to have a quick and easy, secure way to store your bike until you return, whether it be the same day or overnight.

  1. Coal Harbour

The perfect beginning and end to biking the Stanley Park seawall, we can only imagine how many cyclists would love to safely park and store their bikes in a MazStall in Coal Harbour. Especially with the rise in E-bike use, parking your very valuable bike should be just as secure as parking your car in downtown Vancouver. It´s also a nice perk to have indoor bike parking, to keep the salty sea-breeze from ageing your bike chain too quickly, and to keep your bike seat warm and dry for the ride home.

  1. UBC

Bike parking at UBC campus is notorious for being unsafe; we at MAZDIS believe this doesn´t have to be the reality of every student bike owner. We simply need more secure bike parking to keep our bikes safe and student´s happy. Biking and bike parking should be a part of public transportation, which universities can subsidise, so it wouldn´t even have to be at an extra cost for the students.

All in all, the vision for our MazDome design and MAZDIS philosophy is to offer safe, secure, automated bike parking. Let´s start in Vancouver where cyclists are most populous, and vulnerable, and start improving the infrastructure for cyclists. Doing so, we help support green transportation options and healthier lifestyles.


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