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Spring is coming: get your bikes out!

The first cherry blossoms have started sprouting, both on the north-west coast and across cities in Japan, and the smell of spring is in the air. It´s a glorious time of year when the barren trees start blooming into flowers, from white to red and everything in between. The pink ones that later fall and turn the Vancouver west end into a neighbourhood of pink streets are our favourite.

With the days getting longer, and season getting dryer, its time to get our bikes out. Commuting by bicycle is always such a pleasure, even in a bit of a drizzle, as the weather gets warmer. The shortage of bikes on sale means you´ve maybe planned ahead and pre-ordered your bike. Or you already have a bike, or two or three, and you´ve only got to dig it out of the garage and grease the chains and pump the tires.

As bike traffic increases, so does the importance of safety. Following all traffic rules and wearing a helmet are important, especially when cycling in high-traffic areas. Yielding to pedestrians and being aware of dogs, especially in school and park areas where children are also playing, should not be forgotten. And making sure your bike is parked safely is our top priority - we at MAZDIS believe safe and secure indoor parking is high on the priority list for the coming bike season. Check out some of our product designs and potential locations in the lower mainland to find out how we can do our part to make the urban outdoors more bike friendly.


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