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The Advantages of MAZDIS Systems Over Conventional Bike Parking

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

When parking your bike on the street, everyone thinks about bike security. What is the best way to lock your bike, so no tires get stolen, and where is best to park it so no one thinks about stealing the seat? And should you take your helmet and bike bags off, or leave them there with the chance they'll be taken? Or will your bike lock simply be cut and the whole bicycle gone when you return?

MAZDIS parking systems offer 100% security, for your bike and all the loose parts. Being in the urban outdoors, weather also offers challenges when parking your bike in the urban outdoors. MAZDIS parking systems are locked and covered, offering all weather protection. No snow or rain will get your bike wet or frozen, and your chain will certainly be happy without any salt spray from sea-side cities like Vancouver.

Conventional bike parking is also inconvenient - how frustrating is it when you arrive at the subway or train station, or shopping centre or mall, and there's no space to park your bike securely? Finding a space where your bike fits, without rubbing up against another's, or a spot where others wont be fiddling or moving your bike, is important when your bike parts are made out of carbon fibre or other fragile materials.

MAZDIS bike parking systems are so much more convenient. With the Android and iOs app, you can prebook a container in the MazDome or other systems to be sure that you'll arrive with a spot waiting. The MazDome and MazBuild designs are space saving, with less walking space and no chance of touching another's bike or someone touching your bike. The containers are impossible to break into without your personal information, and always on ground level; there's never a fuss for accessibility. All ages and abilities are able to load their bike easily, without lifting or locking, and retrieving your bike is equally fast and easy. No fumbling with chains or lock codes, simply load and unload your bike with your phone and touch screen.

With the combination of security, facility and space saving advantages, MAZDIS systems are time and cost saving. Within the urban outdoors, land-use is used efficiently, especially in high-traffic and pedestrian heavy areas. Locking your bike in the exposed outdoors is a thing of the past - it's time for cities and developers to consider better infrastructure to give cyclists the peace of mind to commute by bicycle. Secure and automated bike parking systems are a great step in the right direction.


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