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The Benefits of Indoor Bike Parking

We at MAZDIS believe that our bikes deserve safe and secure storage. The benefits of parking your bike indoors are many - especially with winter just around the corner.

Our MazDome and MazBuild designs ensure all-weather protection. Whether its raining, snowing or storming, your bike stays dry in a climate controlled environment. If you´re commuting close to the coast, no salty sea breeze settles, minimising the risk of early rust. If parking close to traffic, you can ensure that your bike stays clean from pollutant air and dirty spray or splashes.

Parking your bike inside a MAZDIS system also means all the accessories stay safe and dry. Your bike bag, helmet and even biking clothes can be sent into each container, with no need to lock them to your bike, without any risk of theft. Your bike seat, tires and any other attached bits - pump, lights, basket, saddle bags or spare parts - will also be left untouched.

More than just being an indoor bike parking option in the urban outdoors, MAZDIS is an automated system, easily accessible through your phone and touch screen. No fiddling between other bikes or searching for an available bike stall, you can easily plan your trip ahead of time and book your time slot for each secure parking spot.

For some of us, our bikes are as valuable to us in our daily lives as our cars. Why not take the healthier and more sustainable way of commuting, when you know there are bike parking options there just as safe as locking your car in a private parking garage? Perhaps then more people would cycle and our cities could become cleaner, safer places to commute.

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