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The Best Biking Vacations

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

2021 brings a fresh start to the new year, and the rolling out of COVID-19 vaccinations, finally! We don't know about you, but most of us are excitedly dreaming about our next vacation. Where would you go next? And what would you do?

We at MAZDIS are excited to help people start planning their next bike vacations, and here's a list of our favourite places to travel on two wheels.

1. France

France is one of those countries that was just made for biking. Host of the famous Tour de France and many other bike races, the biking culture is strong and French cyclists are known for their speed, talent and endurance. Cycling thru the vineyards and provinces where narrow, countryside roads dominate the landscape, its no wonder France is a top destination for bike vacations. Our recommendation? Try the 21.3km from Bedoin to the top of Mont Ventoux, a gruelling 5200 foot climb possible in just half a day.

2. Italy

Also a popular destination to wine taste by bicycle, Italy offers more extreme mountains and longer coastlines to offer hundreds of great cycling vacations. One of the most beautiful, combining all of the above plus a bit of olive tasting, Apulia a.k.a. the boot of Italy. Try the 250-200km coast ride from Bari to Santa Maria di Leuca, and spread it out over 3 - 5 days to take in all the sights and charming towns like white-washed Ostuni and baroque-esque Lecce.

3. Iceland

They're not known for great weather, but when it is good, you've also got 24 hours of daylight during the best weeks of the summer. If you've got time to wait for a good day, its only a short 45 minute drive to Thingvellir from Reykjavik where you can cycle around Thingvallavatn lake. Less than 70km, it certainly won't take a whole 24 hours, but the beauty is you can stop and continue despite the time of day. If thats not enough, just take the entire 1300km ring road around Iceland if you've got more time!

4. Canada

Last but certainly not least, we will mention the best bike vacation destination we can possible recommend: Canada, of course! Most of our experience lies in beautiful British Columbia, and starting in Dawson creek and heading either north on the Alaskan highway or west across the prairies gives you plenty of options. We love Vancouver, which becomes more and more bike friendly with time, and the same goes for many of Canada's greatest cities like Ottawa and Montreal. If it's hard to pick only one place, you could always take the coast to coast Tour du Canada thru ten provinces.


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