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The MazDome

MAZDIS prides itself in designing, engineering and producing safe and secure bike storage solutions. Our flagship product is the MazDome, a modern, pod-like, aesthetically pleasing design. It can be customised and built for urban outdoor spaces, in public or private developments, and is an all-weather, automated bike storage system. Through our digital software, downloadable as an app in your smart phone, bikes are easily loaded and unloaded at ground level in the automated system.

The in-house technology designed for the MazDome ensures safe and secure storage. No-one will be able to access your bike, not even see or touch it, once you have loaded it with your app or the system touch screen, accessed with your private logon information. Through specifically engineered robotics, your bike and all related accessories are then safely stored inside until you request your bike back.

The visual appeal, though subjective, is in our opinion beautiful. It has a low environmental impact and promotes greener commuting habits, and fits 2.5 times more bikes into the same space than conventional outdoor bike parking. This reduces the visual mess and size of bike parking in the urban landscape.

These system itself, plus the access process, ensures multi-layer theft and vandalism protection. The fact that each bike has its own storage compartment, a closed space separated from the other bikes, means you also leave your helmet, bike bags, spare tires and bike seat safely protected. The additional storage space for your rain jacket or backpack is included in each bike locker, so no need carry around extra baggage when ending your bike trip.

We at MAZDIS are looking forward to providing a MazDome to you and your neighbourhood in the near future, through city transportation or private development opportunities. We are working hard to generate data for city planning and decision making to make more informed decisions on biking infrastructure, and can´t wait to supply safe and secure bike parking solutions to those that need it.


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