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Who is MAZDIS?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Here we introduce the faces behind MAZDIS, and share a little bit about our growing workplace family. We take pride in employing a diverse group of Canadians, from all walks of life. As a team, we bring together all the knowledge and resources needed to make MAZDIS come to life.


Nick Mani

CEO & President

Educated in TU Delft and Simon Fraser University, Nick studied Mechanical Engineering. He now dedicates his career to improving the environment and urban by enhancing technology. Nick loves history and learning about new cultures, especially discovering how technology and science affect human life.  

Mohsen Bagherpour


Mohsen has a master’s degree in advanced machine design and has worked with robotics and industrial automation in his home town of Tehran. After moving to Canada in 1999, Mohsen has been involved in two successful Startup companies, creating new products and in the automation and energy industries.

Mohsen has an MBA in 2011 and has recently been involved with green innovative industries.Mohsen got involved with MAZDIS in 2018 as a consultant, and joined MAZDIS as CTO in July 2020. Mohsen loves living with his family in Vancouver for the last 20 years.

Mark Delcourt

COO and Fabrication

Mark's background lies in mechanical design. He has owned and operated manufacturing companies in the past, engaged in the design and building of prototype machines. At MAZDIS, Mark manages all aspects of ordering, building and installation of hardware equipment. He oversees material selection, fabrication and machining of all parts. He is in charge of building and testing new equipment, shipping, installation and final testing onsite.

Business Development

Tara Toufighi

Product Developer

Tara is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and joined MAZDIS in late September 2019, where she works on implementing robust behaviours for robots. She has been involved in the preparation of different proposals. She loves to read, dance, and visit museums and art galleries. 

Vincent Chiu

Business Development Officer

Vincent joined MAZDIS in late June 2020, where he works on what the business needs when the business needs it, whether it is finances, marketing, sales, partnerships and more. In his free time, he likes listening to podcasts and riding his bike.

Daniel Dyson

Business Development, UK

Daniel started working with MAZDIS during an internship during July 2020. Since then, Daniel has adopted the role of Business Development Officer for the UK, EU and UAE. This work involves developing the company profile in these parts of the world and working towards MAZDIS systems being used there too. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys staying active or playing the Drums.

Katrin Sif - Technical Writer and Business Developer (Online Marketing)

Katrin has been working with MAZDIS since September, as an editor, writer and blogger. She also helps with building online presence in social media, working remotely between her homes in Iceland and Canada. She loves cycling herself - her favourite is downhill mountain biking in Whistler. 


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